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We believe that connecting to God through prayer -- humbling ourselves, praying for America's leaders and positively affecting the political landscape -- is the most important thing Christians can do to sustain America and propel her forward.


Our Mission

​While we must never take our endless blessings for granted, we cannot deny we also live in a hurting country and hurting world full of hurting people. Let us band together in prayer, acknowledging and exuding the love of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. God has been consistent in blessing America. It is high time for His people to be as consistent in blessing Him by being the best possible stewards of all He has given us.​

​​​This site is specifically designed to rally American Christians to pray for our country. However, specific prayers for yourself or your loved ones are also welcome, as are praises, encouragement, devotionals, inspirational photos, videos, poems, songs, etc. We simply ask all who participate to do so with the love of Jesus and as the Holy Spirit leads. Please consider this site as holy ground.